The Monologue Bombs


The Monologue Bombs is the solo moniker of Scott Phillips, overactive enricher of Raleigh, North Carolina’s fertile music scene for a dozen years.
The Monologue Bombs is his take on sinner-songwriting; ‘Beverages + Ghosts’ is the first stone thrown.While Phillips switches from piano to accordion to guitar and back, the focus is always on the verite scene-setting, the drives of the characters, and the ugly/beautiful truths of their stories. Plus a voice that shades it all in with whispers and wails, convictions and surrenderrings.
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Beverages + Ghosts

1. December ’83
2. Chino’s Song
3. Jason’s Song
4. Mustn’t Touch
5. The Night You Were Conceived
6. Floaters + Empties
7. Corner Lights
8. Shadow Tagger
9. Todd + The Halloween Girl
10. Oh Holy Night