Regina Hexaphone


North Carolina’s Regina Hexaphone return with “Into Your Sleeping Heart,” a stunning sophomore release, on the new Raleigh label/management collective SuperfanRecords.Following their 2004 debut The Beautiful World, the Hex have crafted another confident genre-melding musical palette from which the songs and stories of Sara Bell spring forth and burrow their way deep into your memory. Call it folk, call it pop, call it rock, call it Americana: this is music for the heart and the soul.

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Into Your Sleeping Heart
Tracks1. Empty The Rivers
2. The Forty-Niner
3. Move
4. Where the Angels Sing
5. Bella Lilla
6. Spider Boys
7. Glory Be
8. Waiting For The Wind
9. Parade
10. Baby Come Down
11. The Rib Shack
12. Mehitabel

sara bell: vocals, guitars, keys
chris clemmons: bass, vocals
jerry kee: percussionlisten• Myspace