People who work with and support Superfan Records Team and Artists:

Gamil Design – Original SFR website design.  Designed the  Kickin Grass Band CDs on SFR.
Marsh Woodwinds – Music Venue Extraordinaire! Any show, any time sounds amazing.
The Morning Times – oh yeah, we have our meetings here. Delicious egg salad & sweetness behind the counter
MusicSpark – Superfan artists take part each year in this amazing collaboration of creativity.
Kings – Local Chapel Hill/Triangle venue. Glenn is a champion of the local music scene
Claire Ashby – Designed the RH cover, poster and all that jazz. she also does rockin’ hair at Boylan Heights Studio. Jill of all trades.

Thanks to local radio stations who are supporting SFR artists and local music:
WKNC in Raleigh, NC
WXDU in Durham, NC
WQFS in Greensboro, NC