JUNE 6, 2012

Walk With Me Propels The Kickin Grass Band Beyond Bluegrass Boundaries

New Album Released July 24, 2012 on Superfan Records; Features Stellar Lineup

RALEIGH, NC (June 21, 2012) – Superfan Records today announced the release of the Kickin Grass Band’s newest album, Walk With Me. This is the band’s first full-length album since 2008 and the first to feature the current lineup.  The album tells a nuanced musical story of grief, exploration, hard-won acceptance and understanding as only a close-knit veteran ensemble can. Walk With Me is scheduled for release on July 24, 2012.

The Raleigh-based Kickin Grass Band is known for their unique bluegrass style—equal parts vintage and nouveau.  On Walk With Me, the group delightfully stretches and builds each song beyond the edges of their firm footing in bluegrass.  By following their muse down complementary paths of  Old-time, Americana and folk, the Kickin Grass Band has created an album that will appeal to a broad roots music audience.

Listen to the title track here:  Walk With Me

Half of the songs were penned by signature vocalist and main songwriter Lynda Dawson, with assists from newest members fiddle player Pattie Hopkins and banjo player Hank Smith.  The remaining cover songs were chosen to spotlight the personalities of the individual band members, but also to play on their strength as a cohesive unit. Vocals are passed back and forth between Dawson’s soaring lead on five of the tracks, Hopkins’s bluesy sound on two, bass player Patrick Walsh’s ethereal tenor on two, and mandolin player Jamie Dawson’s retro-tinted lead on one, with tasteful harmonic seasoning throughout.  Even with shifts in instrumentation, arrangement, narration and guest players, there remains a distinctive Kickin Grass Band sound that threads the tunes together, creating a colorful, mosaic tapestry of an album, and an expertly-crafted package of rootsy Americana-style bluegrass.

The band deliberately approached this project as a full-length record.  Walk With Me presents an exploration of life’s passages, a close-to-home chronicle of heartbreaking loss and hopeful beginnings.  Band members endured 3 years of ups and downs that started with the loss of Walsh’s wife to an excruciating battle with ovarian cancer, crested with the birth of beautiful daughter to the Dawsons, and then took another plummet with the sudden and unexpected death of Jamie Dawson’s brother.

“These were life-altering events for all of us, both individually and as bandmates and close friends,” explains Lynda Dawson. “We felt strongly that we needed to capture and express the emotional journey we had endured through our music, especially now that we’re on the other side looking back.”

To take in the album as a singular experience is to travel with the group from a questioning
uncertainty to an understanding acceptance.  The message: the big answers may be beyond our grasp, but our communal search for them binds us together. If you look hard enough you may just find an answer—and a comfort—in the people who walk with you.

Walk With Me was recorded and co-produced by Jerry Brown at the Rubber Room, with artwork and design by Gamil. The album will be released by Superfan Records on July 24, 2012, at iTunes, Amazon MP3, Amazon Marketplace, CD Baby, and brick and mortar stores serviced through the Super D Distribution network.

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October 19, 2009 – Starmount Releases Debut Album
Sound Miners Abandon Genre, Discover New World
Raleigh, NC (October 19, 2009) – The much-anticipated debut album from Starmount, North Carolina’s superlative instrumental mood purveyors will be available on compact disc and digital download formats on October 27, 2009. Any fan of thoughtful, evocative, instrumental music should find ample reward in listening to the ten tracks that comprise Tyranny of the Sphere.

Employing upright bass, synths, pedal steel guitar and acoustic and electronic percussion, Starmount has been mesmerizing audiences since September of 2007. Culled from three sessions at Desolation Row Recording, Tyranny of the Sphere is an extremely well crafted portrait of four veteran musicians learning together to express themselves in new and vital ways. Their emphasis is on composition, interplay, arrangement, and the nuance of sonic interaction. Often simultaneously familiar and other-worldly, meshing the experimental with the traditional, and always cinematic in scope, Starmount’s compositions (it’s fine to call them songs) arrive at originality not so much through invention as through thoughtful re-examination. In other words, these guys operate more as enlightened sound miners with kaleidoscopic headlamps than as philosophers or style-mongers. Though Starmount can humbly float in a universe alongside the stars they admire with names like Eno, Can, Tortoise and Morricone, they sound like none of these. Starmount is comfortable being, and sounding like, Starmount.

To celebrate this release, Starmount will be performing at Marsh Woodwinds on Friday, October 30, 2009. Located at 707 North Person Street in Raleigh, Marsh Woodwinds specializes in intimate performances in a welcoming, eclectic atmosphere. Starmount will begin their set after an opening performance at 8pm by C. Hilton performing on Guzheng (Chinese zither).

Superfan Records is a music collaborative that works with artists to navigate the ever-changing music industry. This is Superfan’s fourth release, adding Starmount to an already diverse and exciting roster (The Monologue Bombs, Regina Hexaphone and The Kickin Grass Band).

For review copies of Tyranny of the Sphere, interview requests, high resolution press photos or additional information please contact Katrina Lamberto at Superfan Records, (919) 272-8309, or visit

9.8.2009 Superfan Records Partners with Starmount to Release Debut Record
Fourth Release for Unconventional Record Label

Raleigh, NC (September 8, 2009) – Superfan Records announces their partnership with instrumental mood purveyors, Starmount, to release their debut album “Tyranny of the Sphere.” Superfan Records is a music collaborative that works with bands to navigate the ever-changing music industry. This is Superfan’s fourth release, making Starmount the label-mate of Triangle-based music makers The Monologue Bombs, Regina Hexaphone and The Kickin Grass Band.

Starmount was formed in 2007 by Greg Elkins who was once the principal songwriter and a guitarist with Vanilla Trainwreck, a Raleigh group that released three records on the Mammoth label in the early 1990’s. Since then, he has spent much of his time producing records for other bands and is the proprietor of Desolation Row Recording. A growing passion for the pedal steel guitar and a desire to challenge its boundaries inspired Elkins to begin to learn the instrument and form a new band. He assembled a cadre of talented musicians he admired, including Dave Pitts (Overproof, Sexual Harris) on upright bass, Brian J. Donohoe (Razor Wire Safety Net, Strange) on drums, and Rob Davis (Le Margeaux Kidders) on synthesizers, and Starmount has been stunning audiences ever since.

“Our partnership with Superfan came at just the right time, infusing the project with energy and enthusiasm,” says Donohoe. “They have become like another band member, giving time, ideas and support towards our end goal of getting our music out into the world.”

Superfan currently collaborates with four bands, each at a different point in their careers with very individualized wants and needs. Instead of using the standard industry-model, Superfan approaches a new release as a unique project, “interviewing” each band and custom tailoring the process to fit their goals.

“Starmount is an exciting addition to our already diverse catalogue,” says Katrina Lamberto, one of three friends who started Superfan Records in April 2007. “Their music is smart and approachable. The beautiful compositions paired with unorthodox instrumentation and the depth of musicianship makes listening to Starmount a joyful experience in any setting. This record really captures their essence. Plus, they are great guys.”

Look for Starmount’s debut release, “Tyranny of the Sphere” on October 27, 2009. For review copies, interview requests, high resolution press photos, MP3s, or additional information please contact Katrina Lamberto at Superfan Records, (919) 272-8309, or visit


Superfan Records is thrilled to announce the joint venture with local bluegrass players, The Kickin Grass Band, for the release of their eponymous third album. The record is a refreshing mix of traditional and new bluegrass sounds, nuanced with folk and Americana styles. The CD will be released in the Triangle on Tuesday, October 7th and the band will be celebrating with a live show on Saturday, October 11 @ the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro NC. Doors open at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $12 at the door; $10 in advance. Sweet By And By will open the show.


In September, Superfan Records teamed up with Erik Sugg, our rockstar librarian friend, to collect CDs from local bands to raise money and awareness for music education in public library programs!
The Wake County Public Libraries sponsored music programs and events in conjunction with the
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the John Entwistle Foundation. The John Entwistle Foundation provides music education for underprivileged children and adults, and endorses public libraries for their programs and their education.

Thank you to these awesome local outfits who donated CDs to the cause:

Caitlin Cary
The Cartridge Family
The Kickin Grass Band
The Loners
The Monologue Bombs
Patty Hurst Shifter
Regina Hexaphone
Tres Chicas
The Whalewatchers