Print the 10×10 Lyric Insert from the vinyl release of Faking the Wisdom here! FTW_Lyrics_FinalFTW_Lyrics_Final

FTW Lyric Sheet designed by Katherine & Stephen Becker

Read the lyrics on the Goner Bandcamp page (click next to each song)

Meet Faking the Wisdom’s incomparable Collaborators:
Co-produced by Greg Elkins and recorded at Pershing Hill Sound (formerly Desolation Row Recording).
Anne Polesnak—cello on 1.
Hunter MacDermut (—voice on 1 and 5, banjo on 3, harmonica on 7. Chas McKeown ( —guitar on 2.
David Morris—tuba on 3.
John Niffenegger (—guitar on 3.
Emily Orr—voice on 3 and 10.
Bill McKelvey—sax on 6 and 9.
Joel Rhodes—trumpet on 6 and 9.
Sam Madison (—guitar on 6.
Jamie Dawson (—mandolin on 7.
Skip Elsheimer (—dialogue archivist/consultant.
Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B (
Katherine & Stephen Becker—lyric sheet design.

Faking The Wisdom Front Cover

Faking the Wisdom (sfr-006)

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